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Memoir, Growing up in the 1950s

There is a difference between growing up and growing older.

Growing up in the suburbs in the 1950s was a completely different experience than growing up after the year 2000. Just about everything was self-created and directed. From a very early age, we left our house right after breakfast and would return in time for supper. No parent or adult told us what to do to occupy our time. Mostly, they told us what not to do and we paid little attention to that advice.

Each new adventure took us to its logical or illogical conclusion. Sometimes a lesson was learned, more often than not the hard way. This is a journey through those experiences, many of which are not repeatable today.

Growing up is mental, and growing older is physical. Both form integral parts of the experiential library. Whether in the late 1800s, the mid-1950s or now, it is the best time to be alive in an ever-changing world.

Join C.M. Rip Cunningham in his recollections of what it means to grow up in an ever-shifting environment, supplemented by excerpts from As the Twig is Bent by Dr. John H. Cunningham.

Releasing October 17, 2023 

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Secrets at Deep Lake

Literary Fiction, Mystery

Secrets at Deep Lake

The Secrets of the Past are Buried at Wingate Winery

When Kate Tyler learns that her brother may need a kidney transplant, she has no choice but to unravel the mystery of her biological parent's health history. Given only her birth mother's name to start with, she begins untangling the threads of her past despite her own desire to leave it all alone. Undeterred by the risk of a second betrayal, she follows the leads to the Wingate family, a well-off presence in the New York State wine scene.

Using her travel blog as a cover, Kate inserts herself into the Wingate family's wine festival, hoping to quietly confirm her suspicions of her father's identity. But as the Wingates close ranks to protect their own, painful secrets come to light with devastating consequences. Only the truth can lead these broken families to forgiveness and healing. Desperate to help her brother, Kate must press on no matter the personal cost.

Secrets at Deep Lake is the third book in the Kate Tyler series. Each book can be read and enjoyed in order of publication or as a stand-alone story. Don't miss the other Kate Tyler novels:

Order of Books in the Kate Tyler Novels:

1. Heirloom

2. The Legend

3. Secrets at Deep Lake

Releasing October 24, 2023 

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Memoir, Parkinson's Disease

An Alert Well-Hydrated Artist in No Acute DistressTwo Artists, a Singular Friendship, and a Six-State Quest for a Diagnosis

Hadley Ferguson and Catherine Armsden, a painter and a writer, have each spent years seeking a diagnosis for their troubling symptoms. When they are finally diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, they meet in an online support group and quickly become long-distance friends. But for Hadley, the shared diagnosis is still not correct. She embarks on a traumatic, six-state odyssey that Catherine documents in vivid detail.

Part critical commentary on the American healthcare system and part primer on Parkinson's disease, An Alert, Well-Hydrated Artist in No Acute Distress tackles many topics beyond Hadley’s and Catherine’s personal experience, such as the causes and treatment of Parkinson’s; navigating the doctor-patient relationship; so-called cognitive errors made in diagnosis; and the role of empathy in healthcare. This moving memoir will resonate with anyone who's had difficulty getting a diagnosis or lives with chronic disease, but will also inspire all readers with Hadley’s and Catherine’s ultimately victorious parallel quests to achieve the most fulfilling creative work of their careers.

Releasing December 5, 2023 

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