summer 2022 new releases

Summer is almost here, which means it's time to stock up on books for your upcoming pool days, vacations, or hammock adventures!

These upcoming months are a gift to crime readers everywhere and will keep you guessing with some of your favorite detectives making reappearances and new sleuths making their debut.

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Ground Truth

Traditional Mystery
Ground Truth

Kate Chambers knows that cold cases are almost always a lost cause.

So when two skeletons are discovered in Pittsburgh and Kate believes that she has insider information about the crime, she joins Chief Detective Stefan Jablonsky in his investigation. She's determined to find justice for the family.

It doesn't take long to identify the victims: two siblings who had gone missing twenty years ago. As Kate digs into the neighborhood and Jablonsky starts chasing down leads, the list of suspects grows.

With the cold case reopened and witnesses dying soon after coming forward, it's clear that someone has a lot to lose. Kate and Jablonsky must work together to unravel the mysteries and make sure that whoever killed the siblings doesn't get away with murder a second time.

Perfect for fans of Louise Penny, Ann Cleeves, and Kerry Greenwood, this mystery will keep you guessing all the way to the end.

Releasing May 24, 2022.

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No Wake Zone

Mystery, Crime, Psychological Thriller

No Wake Zone

After a near brush with death, Maddie Arnette heads to the charming coastal town of Cape Mayson, North Carolina to heal. She temporarily trades in her microphone for a paddleboard. But when she finds a dead man floating in the water, her sabbatical turns into a quest for the truth.

When the police call the death an accidental drowning, Maddie is not convinced. Everyone in the small town seems to know something about what happened, and they all seem scared. Maddie is determined to unravel the complicated web of secrets.

Wherever she turns, she seems to unearth a new, uncomfortable truth. This even seeps into her personal life when new evidence comes to light about her mother's murder. Maddie's father has spent decades in prison for the crime, and she grows increasingly suspicious that he might be innocent. Maddie must continue to confront the ghosts of her past as she seeks justice for two men: one in a watery grave and one behind bars.

Releasing May 31, 2022.

Although every book in the Maddie Arnette Series can be read on its own, we recommend you catch the rest of the series:

1. Dead Last

2. Lies That Bind

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Mission Improbable: Vietnam

Cozy Mystery, International Mystery, Amateur Sleuth

mission improbable

Bang has a knack for adopting the most improbable causes...

Blanche “Bang” Murninghan was perfectly content sitting on the dock of the Peel ‘n Eat Pier on Santa Maria Island, sipping an excellent draft and wiggling her fishing pole after an elusive sheepshead. Perfectly content, that is until Jean McMahon appears at her side and forever disrupts Blanche’s peaceful idyll with ghosts of the past.

Blanche's amateur sleuthing skills have become local legend, and Jean needs her help. It’s not a simple favor Jean asks: Will Blanche go to Vietnam with her and look for Jean’s mother?

Blanche feels an old wound ripped open in her heart. Her father was killed in Vietnam, and she’s never gotten much history from her beloved grandmother and mother on the subject. She realizes she and Jean share a powerful bond: they both want the truth.

Blanche and Jean don’t stop once they land in Saigon, now Ho Chi Minh City. Ex-pat "Stick" Dahlkamp makes sure of that. They pick up the search together. The three cross the rice paddies on Stick’s Honda Dream to Ben Tre and My Tho, old stomping grounds for Stick, a former Ninth Infantry Division Riverine and now the owner of the popular bar The Follies. He’s got friends in jungle towns who might help, and indeed they do. And don’t. Blanche begins to wonder if he’s running them off the road.

As they trace Jean’s mother’s steps, they meet more than one shady character who thinks it better to let things lie. Against her better judgment, Blanche beats down the doors of the past. She is looking for Jean’s mother and following her father’s trail. He left without a trace. Or did he? Does anyone?

Releasing June 28, 2022

Although every book in the Blanche Murninghan Series can be read on its own, we recommend you catch the rest of the series:

1. Saving Tuna Street

2. Trouble Down Mexico Way

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