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YA Fantasy, Magical Realism

the swap"this could be the next big thing" –Ilona Guerra, Readers' Favorite Reviewer

Voidweavers and the Holy Guardian must battle for the soul of humanity.

Highschooler Genevieve DeWinter finds herself entangled in the throes of adventure, romance, and survival after discovering the existence of a group of magical beings known as Formulists and their co-existing world, Banewind.

With the arrival of several mages in her hometown of Parma, Ohio, Genevieve soon learns that these extraordinary secrets are rooted deep within her family’s history and that she comes from a long lineage of female protectors called the Holy Guardians. Now, a vengeful group of Formulists known as the Voidweavers have returned and set their sights on Genevieve, believing she might be the key to awakening their fallen leader, the Void King.

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Caroline's Purpose

Contemporary YA, YA Romance

the swap

Caroline Davis finds herself at a crossroads, suffocated by fear and anxiety.

As a sophomore in college, it is time for her to pick a major, but she doesn’t know what to choose. Everything she dreamed her future would be has been taken away from her, including her faith in God. Caroline meets Connor Taylor, someone who can relate to her pain more than she can imagine. Caroline doesn’t understand how he can still believe in God with all he has gone through.

With the help of an abused horse and Connor, can Caroline learn to use the past as a steppingstone towards the future? Can she rediscover her faith in God and the purpose He has for her? Or will the pain of the past and the fear of moving on be more than she can handle?


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The Next to Last Mistake

Contemporary YA, YA Romance

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Tess Goodwin’s life in rural Iowa is sheltered and uncomplicated. Although she chooses to spend most of her free time playing chess with her best friend Zander, the farm-boy from next door, her skills as a bovine midwife and tractor mechanic ensure that she fits in with the other kids at West Hancock High. But when her veteran father reenlists in the Army, moving her family halfway across the country to North Carolina, Tess is forced out of her comfort zone into a world she knows nothing about.

When Leonetta Jackson is assigned as her mentor, she becomes Tess’s unexpected guide through the winding labyrinth of cultural disparities between them, sparking a tentative friendship and challenging Tess to confront her reluctant nature. As the pieces move across the board of her upended life, will Tess find the acceptance she so desperately desires?


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The Obsidian Dagger

YA Adventure, Mythology Fiction, YA Fantasy

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When a mad witch with a magically crafted and frightfully powerful Obsidian Dagger threatens to obliterate humanity and overtake the magic clans of the Celtic Isles, destiny forces 17-year-old American, Brendan O'Neal, and his younger sister, Lizzie, to intervene.

Joining the desperate princess of the Leprechauns, Dorian, and her two loyal companions, Rory and Biddy, they embark on a dangerous and wondrous adventure across Ireland and Scotland to thwart the witch and save mankind.

Battling the witch's mutated forces of magical beings, the heroic band will have to reach deeper into themselves than they ever thought possible to find the strength, courage, and will to see their quest through to the end. Brendan will soon learn that the lines between reality, mythology, and divinity are more blurred than he ever imagined.

Other Books in the Celtic Mythos Series:

1. The Obsidian Dagger

2. The Megalith Union

3. The Dominion Pulse

4. The Bloodline Inheritance

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Behind These Hands

YA Contemporary Fiction, YA Poetry

the swap

Fourteen-year-old Claire Fairchild knew from an early age that she had hands made for the keyboard and a future full of music. Entering a prestigious music contest means competing against her childhood friend, Juan, just as her feelings towards him are becoming more complicated.

Claire's younger brother, Davy, undergoes extensive tests to determine why his learning and visual difficulties are worsening. Claire struggles to balance the tension at home with contest preparations. No one is prepared for the news that Davy has an incurable childhood disease called Batten. Shortly after Claire enters the contest, DNA testing reveals that her youngest brother, Trent, also has Batten and Claire is a carrier.

While attending a conference on Batten Disease, Claire receives word that she has won the contest. Her musical dreams no longer seem relevant and she struggles to reconcile her goals with the realities of her brothers' declining health and probable early deaths. When Claire accompanies a friend on a school newspaper assignment, she meets a centenarian with a colorful musical past and only one regret in life. This inspires Claire to use her talent in a new way to celebrate the lives of her brothers before it's too late.

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When Kingdom Comes

YA Fantasy

the swap

Four kingdoms are locked in a horrible war—a war that, if lost, will surrender innocent lives to the power and control of King Kayne, the barbaric and bloodthirsty king of the South. The kings and queen of the North, East, and West have no choice but to join forces against the South if they’re going to hold onto everything they hold dear.

But the northern Queen’s brother has a different ambition in mind, and sees the South as a route to power. While Kayne spends his time traveling across the Great Sea, seeking out herbs and potions to enhance his abilities, Kristofer rises amongst the ranks to become his right hand and leads the people in the king’s absence.

Bewildered and devastated by Kristofer’s betrayal, Queen Elora of the North and lifelong ally King Rian of the West join their armies to fight against him. As they seek to save their kingdoms, Elora and Rian face an excruciating struggle between the love they once had for Kristofer and their duty to deal the fatal blow.

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