• The Montaland Adventures Boxed Set

    The Montaland Adventures Boxed Set

    For the first time, read the whole Montaland Adventures Trilogy in one eBook boxed set! Captives of the Fern Queen is
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  • The Redeemed

    The Redeemed

    One child could change the future of humanity. Eleven years after a virus swept through the world, small, spread-out gangs
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  • Where Spirit Touches Matter

    Where Spirit Touches Matter

    Inspired by his immigrant physician mother, who surmounted multiple obstacles in her forty-five year-career, Dr. Friedman worked through a twenty-year
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  • Jesus' Prayer Recipe: The R.E.A.C.H. Prayer Pattern

    Jesus' Prayer Recipe: The R.E.A.C.H. Prayer Pattern

    A Jesus-given and Bible-based recipe for prayer What is prayer? Why do we pray if God knows the outcome? How
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  • The Maid

    The Maid

    "Prepare yourself to be taken on an emotional journey." –Kellie Hodges, NC SBI, Special Agent In Charge of Human Trafficking
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  • Benk and the Ugly Princess

    Benk and the Ugly Princess

    In this third book of the Montaland series Rose is an untouchable princess in the mountain world’s kingdom of Yospaldo,
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  • Caroline's Purpose

    Caroline's Purpose

    Caroline Davis finds herself at a crossroads, suffocated by fear and anxiety. As a sophomore in college, it is time
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  • Sheltering Angels

    Sheltering Angels

    “The angels…regard our safety, undertake our defense, direct our ways, and exercise a constant solicitude that no evil befall us.”—
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  • The Color of Together

    The Color of Together

    "In his beautiful new book, Milton Brasher-Cunningham shares arresting thoughts on grief, grace, and gratitude. He claims that we are
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  • Of Green Stuff Woven

    Of Green Stuff Woven

    Around the globe, small bands of eco-activists are working to save one reef, one rain forest, one river at a
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  • How Cancer Cured Me

    How Cancer Cured Me

    Battling to beat cancer, finding a cure, and fighting to survive can become all-encompassing. Like most people, when diagnosed with cancer,
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  • Their Faces Shone

    Their Faces Shone

     "Their Faces Shone is a riveting, candid and thought-provoking account of one's family journey through fostering. -Erica C. Witsell, award-winning author of the novel Give “I
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  • Captives of the Fern Queen

    Captives of the Fern Queen

    Captives of the Fern Queen is the first in a series of three stories that take place in Montaland, the
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  • Fernpeople


    Fernpeople is part of the Montaland Trilogy. In this second book of the Montaland series the evil Fern Queen is dead
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  • Gently Between the Words

    Gently Between the Words

    In his latest collection of essays and poems Taylor-Troutman guides readers through seemingly simple stories of death, life, parenting struggles,
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  • WAIT


    "Wait is a necessary source of comfort for those plagued by intractable problems."– Foreword Reviews What are you waiting for? Everyone has
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  • Faith and Air: The Miracle List

    Faith and Air: The Miracle List

    "For years I have loved the Tar Heel Traveler and the way Scott reveals the beautiful people and culture of
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  • Following the Red Bird

    Following the Red Bird

    "Rademacher’s memoir is an honest portrayal of the confusion of discernment and the comfort of abiding and trusting in God."– Publishers
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  • Healing Maddie Brees

    Healing Maddie Brees

    "A gorgeous meditation on broken bodies, fractured faith, and the soul-wrenching path to serenity." – Kirkus Reviews   Healing Maddie Brees is
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  • The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful

    The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful

    Obstacles and challenges are a normal part of married life. Here’s how you get through them. This book will lead
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  • Guiding Missal

    Guiding Missal

    If this little book could only talk! Guiding Missal is based on a true story about a lively prayerbook that
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  • Jonathan Edwards

    Jonathan Edwards

    As we see an anemic Christendom today in its witness, ethics, and influence, we find the correctives and the guidance
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  • Courage, Endurance, Sacrifice

    Courage, Endurance, Sacrifice

    The Lives and Faith of Three Generations of Missionaries Starting in 1875 and covering a span of almost 100 years,
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  • Raised by Strangers

    Raised by Strangers

    One woman's spiritual journey home Life is intriguing, complex, and full of unanswered questions. There is no simple manual or quick
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  • Jonah


    By weaving fictional characters and events that present Jonah as a real man fighting the call of God on his
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  • Worship and Wisdom

    Worship and Wisdom

    Meditations from the Psalms and Proverbs to help you ponder the beauty of God’s Word and grow in worship and
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  • Christ the King

    Christ the King

    This book unfolds the many ways in which the Gospel of Matthew presents Jesus as not only King of the
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  • Reaching Chinese Worldwide

    Reaching Chinese Worldwide

    An introduction to the many ways in which Christians may communicate the truth and love of God in Christ to
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  • God Is No Stranger

    God Is No Stranger

    by Eleanor Turnbull (Author) and Wally Turnbull (Photographer)  A prayer book unlike any other This book is unique, not only because
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