• Secrets at Deep Lake

    Secrets at Deep Lake

    The Secrets of the Past are Buried at Wingate Winery When Kate Tyler learns that her brother may need a
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  • The Pursuer

    The Pursuer

    The War may be over, but secrets linger. While World War II has been over for two years, its horrors linger
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  • The Big Shakeup

    The Big Shakeup

    Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, or so they say. P.I. Nicole Graves arrives early at work, just as Los
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  • Old Dogs, New Tricks

    Old Dogs, New Tricks

    A Respectable Family Turns to a Life of Crime Forced into bitter and boring retirement solely because of advancing age,
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  • Paul Dodge Series Boxed Set: Books 1-3

    Paul Dodge Series Boxed Set: Books 1-3

    "Entertaining, thought-provoking [stories] with classic characters presented in a unique way that demonstrate the best and worst of the human race." –The
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  • The Blanche Murninghan Mysteries Boxed Set 1-3

    The Blanche Murninghan Mysteries Boxed Set 1-3

    Fans of Jana Deleon's Miss Fortune Mystery series and Tonya Kappes A Camper and Criminals Cozy series will fall hard for the colorful characters and exciting misadventures
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  • A Deathly Irish Secret

    A Deathly Irish Secret

    Deathly secrets bog Blanche down in the idyllic Irish hillside... The last thing Blanche Murninghan expects when she answers the phone is to
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  • Broken Glass

    Broken Glass

    Obsession can be deadly. When a fellow student in her glass blowing class drops dead, finding his killer becomes personal
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  • The Savior

    The Savior

    "Sure to engross fans of Connelly, Patterson, and Coben.” – Dave Edlund, USA Today best-selling author of the Peter Savage novels. Paul Dodge is ready
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  • The Finder

    The Finder

    Missing women, a disbanded cult, and a dodgy inheritance put Beatrix Patterson to the test. Beatrix Patterson wanted to spend
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  • The Omega Accord

    The Omega Accord

    "Edwards solidifies his place in the hallowed ground of Brad Meltzer, Steve Berry and James Rollins. Not to be missed."
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  • The Kill Floor

    The Kill Floor

    "In the city, sitting in a squad car made you an easy target, but in the country you were a
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  • The Nicole Graves Mysteries Boxed Set 4-6

    The Nicole Graves Mysteries Boxed Set 4-6

    Books 4-6 available in a boxed set The Ransom (Nicole Graves Mysteries, #4) "Nicole Graves is the best fictional sleuth to
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  • Ground Truth

    Ground Truth

    Kate Chambers knows that cold cases are almost always a lost cause. So when two skeletons are discovered in Pittsburgh
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  • The Legend

    The Legend

    Legends clash with reality at the Calloway House Kate Tyler isn't sure she's living the life she was meant to live. Eden
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  • Someone Had to Die

    Someone Had to Die

    "A historical fiction piece that will keep you turning the page!" —Christopher Flory, author of the award-winning Paul Dodge series There's
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  • No Wake Zone

    No Wake Zone

    "An intriguing read with the salty tang of realism that could only come from someone who can walk the walk and
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  • Mission Improbable: Vietnam

    Mission Improbable: Vietnam

    Bang has a knack for adopting the most improbable causes... Blanche “Bang” Murninghan was perfectly content sitting on the dock of the Peel
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  • Last Rays of Daylight

    Last Rays of Daylight

    "Sure to engross fans of Connelly, Patterson, and Coben.” – Dave Edlund, USA Today best-selling author of the Peter Savage novels. In the wake of
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  • Murder on Hollywood Beach

    Murder on Hollywood Beach

    "Carol Finizza provides a fast-paced plot, great sense of place, and wicked sense of humor in this amusing mystery." —Nancy Boyarsky,
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  • The Maid

    The Maid

    "Prepare yourself to be taken on an emotional journey." –Kellie Hodges, NC SBI, Special Agent In Charge of Human Trafficking
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  • The Seer

    The Seer

    It’s February 1942. War grips the world. Asian hate runs rampant, and New Orleans is a dangerous place for Chinese-English scientist
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  • Trust Misplaced

    Trust Misplaced

    “Flory delivers a strong and complex crime thriller speckled with sharp action, salty dialog, and deep character development. Trust Misplaced moves at
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  • Trouble Down Mexico Way

    Trouble Down Mexico Way

    Trouble has a way of finding Blanche Murninghan... When Blanche “Bang” Murninghan visits an exhibit of ancient Mayan ruins in
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  • Unforgiving Savage

    Unforgiving Savage

    "Dave Edlund is one of the very best all-out, full-bore action thriller writers out there today, and all the reasons
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  • Judgment at Alcatraz

    Judgment at Alcatraz

    "Judgment at Alcatraz is a powerhouse thriller with an undercurrent of layered social commentary."– Foreword Reviews Capitalizing on a peaceful protest for
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  • Lies That Bind

    Lies That Bind

    Maddie’s past is about to catch up to her... Maddie Arnette has built her whole life around the narrative that
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  • Peter Savage Boxed Series Books 5-7

    Peter Savage Boxed Series Books 5-7

    Some of the best voices in thriller fiction today are fans of the Peter Savage novels. "I would follow Peter
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  • The Moscow Affair

    The Moscow Affair

      "The Moscow Affair is a thoroughly entertaining and unforgettable thriller punctuated by smart dialog, richly crafted scenes, and a topical
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  • Dead Last

    Dead Last

    Maddie is likable and believable…  this debut shows enough promise to encourage readers to follow along if it turns into
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  • The Entitled

    The Entitled

    "Vibrant street scenes, swift pacing, and Nicole’s steely nerve make The Entitled an entertaining adventure."  – Foreword Reviews Travel to London and retrieve
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  • Saving Tuna Street

    Saving Tuna Street

    Blanche “Bang” Murninghan is a part-time journalist with writer’s block and a penchant for walking the beach on her beloved
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  • Heirloom


    Healing secrets and a battle for survival await in Eden Springs Kate Tyler is already in a life crisis when she inherits Howard’s Walk
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  • Valiant Savage

    Valiant Savage

    "Valiant Savage is a pulse-pounding action thriller that’s anchored by its charming everyman hero and a fascinating historical mystery."– Foreword
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  • The Ransom

    The Ransom

     As a newly minted private investigator, Nicole Graves expects to take on legal cases for corporate clients. But when her
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  • Liar Liar

    Liar Liar

    "Boyarsky's imagination serves up a court case that plays with expectations during an era where we push to believe women,
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  • Lethal Savage

    Lethal Savage

    "I would follow Peter Savage into any firefight."– James Rollins, New York Times bestseller of The Demon Crown Two men,
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  • Guarding Savage

    Guarding Savage

    "Equal parts military and political thriller, Dave Edlund’s Guarding Savage is a top notch action-adventure tale that rivals the best
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  • The Bequest

    The Bequest

    "Nicole Graves is a charming and straight-shooting heroine." – Foreword Reviews "Boyarsky’s weightless complications expertly combine menace with bling, making the
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  • The Swap

    The Swap

    "Full of page-by-page surprises"  – Kirkus Reviews When Nicole Graves arranges a summer-long swap of her Los Angeles condo for a
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  • The Nicole Graves Mysteries Boxed Set 1-3

    The Nicole Graves Mysteries Boxed Set 1-3

    Books 1-3 available in a boxed set The Swap - Book 1 in the Nicole Graves Mystery series "full of page-by-page
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  • Hunting Savage

    Hunting Savage

    “With a hero full of grit and determination, this action-packed, timely tale is required reading for any thriller aficionado.”– Steve
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  • Deadly Savage

    Deadly Savage

    "Crackling action, brisk pace, timely topic; Edlund's third Savage thriller... has all the elements..."– Kirkus Reviews "From start to finish,
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  • Relentless Savage

    Relentless Savage

    "Not since Crichton's Jurassic Park have I read such an engaging mix of genetic misdeed and thrilling action."– Gary W. Stout, author
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  • Crossing Savage

    Crossing Savage

    Dave Edlund brings readers face to face with the promise of energy independence... and its true cost. As one by
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  • Peter Savage Boxed Series Books 1-4

    Peter Savage Boxed Series Books 1-4

    “With a hero full of grit and determination, this action-packed, timely tale is required reading for any thriller aficionado.”– Steve
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