• The Pursuer

    The Pursuer

    The War may be over, but secrets linger. While World War II has been over for two years, its horrors linger
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  • The Finder

    The Finder

    Missing women, a disbanded cult, and a dodgy inheritance put Beatrix Patterson to the test. Beatrix Patterson wanted to spend
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  • Lost Souls Recovered

    Lost Souls Recovered

    "An expertly told tale of loss, love, and second chances." —Kirkus Reviews One man's journey toward a better life. When the
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  • The Legend

    The Legend

    Legends clash with reality at the Calloway House Kate Tyler isn't sure she's living the life she was meant to live. Eden
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  • The Light of a Cuban Son

    The Light of a Cuban Son

    "Chavez is an exciting new voice in our LGBTQ and Latinx literary community.” –Emanuel Xavier, author and activist In this
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  • The Seer

    The Seer

    It’s February 1942. War grips the world. Asian hate runs rampant, and New Orleans is a dangerous place for Chinese-English scientist
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  • Heirloom


    Healing secrets and a battle for survival await in Eden Springs Kate Tyler is already in a life crisis when she inherits Howard’s Walk
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  • In The Midst of Innocence

    In The Midst of Innocence

    An endearing ballad of the struggle for existence and understanding." –Booklist  Ten-year-old Pearl Wallace is living in the mountains of rural
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  • A Saint in Graceland

    A Saint in Graceland

    the grace to forgive, the courage to love, the faith to risk it all Grieving her mother’s death and yearning
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  • The Particular Appeal of Gillian Pugsley

    The Particular Appeal of Gillian Pugsley

    "exuberantly readable...recommended"– Historical Novel Society "memorable—feisty, unexpected"– Kirkus Reviews From the shores of The Great Lakes to the slums of
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  • A Sinner in Paradise

    A Sinner in Paradise

    Jilted by her fiancé, Geneva watches her seemingly idyllic life suddenly fall apart. Bereft and desolate, she packs up her
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  • The Trials of Nellie Belle

    The Trials of Nellie Belle

    We labor in the dark, not knowing how close we come to tapping gold or triggering disaster. Only God knows.
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  • The Sheep Walker’s Daughter

    The Sheep Walker’s Daughter

    Does it really matter where you come from? In 1953, a war widow’s difficult mother dies before revealing the identity
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  • The Lyre and the Lambs

    The Lyre and the Lambs

    A feast of family can be a plate load of problems! It’s the Sixties. Modernity and tradition clash as two
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