• The Skunk Who Lost His Cents

    The Skunk Who Lost His Cents

    Emily is playing on her swing in the backyard when she sees movement near the porch. Dirt is flying through
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  • Banewind (Special Hardcover Edition)

    Banewind (Special Hardcover Edition)

    Possibilities. Lies. Secrets. One girl who can break the world, or save it. Who can she trust when nothing is
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  • Peachy Possums

    Peachy Possums

    There’s nothing better than a sweet, juicy peach cobbler at the end of a summer day. Thoughts of her mother’s
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  • Lost Souls Recovered

    Lost Souls Recovered

    "An expertly told tale of loss, love, and second chances." —Kirkus Reviews One man's journey toward a better life. When the
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  • Darts and Flowers

    Darts and Flowers

    "Funny and LGBTQ+ affirming, Darts and Flowers is a story about teenagers who are desperate to be loved, validated, and part of
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  • The Legend

    The Legend

    Legends clash with reality at the Calloway House Kate Tyler isn't sure she's living the life she was meant to live. Eden
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  • Someone Had to Die

    Someone Had to Die

    "A historical fiction piece that will keep you turning the page!" —Christopher Flory, author of the award-winning Paul Dodge series There's
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  • Last Rays of Daylight

    Last Rays of Daylight

    "Sure to engross fans of Connelly, Patterson, and Coben.” – Dave Edlund, USA Today best-selling author of the Peter Savage novels. In the wake of
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  • Blueberry Moose

    Blueberry Moose

    It’s a beautiful summer day in the state of Maine and when Jaxson looks out his window at his tree
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  • Trust Misplaced

    Trust Misplaced

    “Flory delivers a strong and complex crime thriller speckled with sharp action, salty dialog, and deep character development. Trust Misplaced moves at
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  • Stewards of Humanity

    Stewards of Humanity

    "A sincere tribute to professionals who do not always receive the recognition and support they deserve, Stewards of Humanity is a memoir
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  • Unforgiving Savage

    Unforgiving Savage

    "Dave Edlund is one of the very best all-out, full-bore action thriller writers out there today, and all the reasons
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  • Banewind


    Voidweavers and the Holy Guardian must battle for the soul of humanity. Highschooler Genevieve DeWinter finds herself entangled in the
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  • Sheltering Angels

    Sheltering Angels

    “The angels…regard our safety, undertake our defense, direct our ways, and exercise a constant solicitude that no evil befall us.”—
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  • The Entitled

    The Entitled

    "Vibrant street scenes, swift pacing, and Nicole’s steely nerve make The Entitled an entertaining adventure."  – Foreword Reviews Travel to London and retrieve
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  • Saving Tuna Street

    Saving Tuna Street

    Blanche “Bang” Murninghan is a part-time journalist with writer’s block and a penchant for walking the beach on her beloved
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  • Heirloom


    Healing secrets and a battle for survival await in Eden Springs Kate Tyler is already in a life crisis when she inherits Howard’s Walk
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  • Of Green Stuff Woven

    Of Green Stuff Woven

    Around the globe, small bands of eco-activists are working to save one reef, one rain forest, one river at a
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  • Valiant Savage

    Valiant Savage

    "Valiant Savage is a pulse-pounding action thriller that’s anchored by its charming everyman hero and a fascinating historical mystery."– Foreword
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  • In The Midst of Innocence

    In The Midst of Innocence

    An endearing ballad of the struggle for existence and understanding." –Booklist  Ten-year-old Pearl Wallace is living in the mountains of rural
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  • The Final Reality

    The Final Reality

    In the high-octane conclusion of the Alex Pella novels, the brilliant doctor and inventor finds himself racing against the unstoppable
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  • A Saint in Graceland

    A Saint in Graceland

    the grace to forgive, the courage to love, the faith to risk it all Grieving her mother’s death and yearning
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  • The Women of Jacob's Mountain Boxed Set

    The Women of Jacob's Mountain Boxed Set

     From multi-award-wining author Deborah Hining come two novels about The Women of Jacob's mountain who have a strength and sense
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  • The Particular Appeal of Gillian Pugsley

    The Particular Appeal of Gillian Pugsley

    "exuberantly readable...recommended"– Historical Novel Society "memorable—feisty, unexpected"– Kirkus Reviews From the shores of The Great Lakes to the slums of
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  • A Sinner in Paradise

    A Sinner in Paradise

    Jilted by her fiancé, Geneva watches her seemingly idyllic life suddenly fall apart. Bereft and desolate, she packs up her
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  • The Ransom

    The Ransom

     As a newly minted private investigator, Nicole Graves expects to take on legal cases for corporate clients. But when her
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  • Lethal Savage

    Lethal Savage

    "I would follow Peter Savage into any firefight."– James Rollins, New York Times bestseller of The Demon Crown Two men,
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  • The Next to Last Mistake

    The Next to Last Mistake

    "The Next to Last Mistake is a poignant and sweet story of love, loss, discovery, and the enduring bonds of
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  • WAIT


    "Wait is a necessary source of comfort for those plagued by intractable problems."– Foreword Reviews What are you waiting for? Everyone has
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  • Behind These Hands

    Behind These Hands

    "a richly woven, unforgettable symphony of feelings and words"– Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review) Fourteen-year-old Claire Fairchild knew from an early
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  • Following the Red Bird

    Following the Red Bird

    "Rademacher’s memoir is an honest portrayal of the confusion of discernment and the comfort of abiding and trusting in God."– Publishers
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  • Healing Maddie Brees

    Healing Maddie Brees

    "A gorgeous meditation on broken bodies, fractured faith, and the soul-wrenching path to serenity." – Kirkus Reviews   Healing Maddie Brees is
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  • Guarding Savage

    Guarding Savage

    "Equal parts military and political thriller, Dave Edlund’s Guarding Savage is a top notch action-adventure tale that rivals the best
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  • The Swap

    The Swap

    "Full of page-by-page surprises"  – Kirkus Reviews When Nicole Graves arranges a summer-long swap of her Los Angeles condo for a
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  • The Nicole Graves Mysteries Boxed Set 1-3

    The Nicole Graves Mysteries Boxed Set 1-3

    Books 1-3 available in a boxed set The Swap - Book 1 in the Nicole Graves Mystery series "full of page-by-page
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  • Relentless Savage

    Relentless Savage

    "Not since Crichton's Jurassic Park have I read such an engaging mix of genetic misdeed and thrilling action."– Gary W. Stout, author
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  • Crossing Savage

    Crossing Savage

    Dave Edlund brings readers face to face with the promise of energy independence... and its true cost. As one by
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  • Guiding Missal

    Guiding Missal

    If this little book could only talk! Guiding Missal is based on a true story about a lively prayerbook that
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