By Kylee Wooten

Coming up with a name is challenging. Whether you’re deciding on the name of the new family pet, battling over whom to name your child after, or trying to come up with the perfect title for your new novel, it’s almost impossible to know if you’re making the right decision.

But when you finally reach that “Eureka!” moment, it all becomes so clear. When we got our start in 1998, we were searching for the perfect name to encapsulate everything we stood for, and that’s when Torchflame Books became the clear name for us. As a publisher, our mission was to give authors a platform to have their message heard, as well as to give readers a quality book with a meaningful story. Hence our motto: bringing to light meaningful books.

Throughout the years we have continued to build our brand around this approach and have curated a special selection of books and novels each of which delivers an important message that speaks beyond the words on the page.

So why create a publishing company? After spending many years in Haiti as missionaries, the Turnbulls wanted to publish books relating to Haiti and the Creole culture. Early on, we published books from close friends and family. Later, we expanded our horizons and our bookshelves, while narrowing in on our mission.

Each story that we have published has been carefully considered. Our authors not only care about their books, they care about the messages of their books. They may explore themes of love, life, and death on a deep level; they might provide a narrative on politics, environmental issues, and warfare from a knowledgeable, educated background; they could take you on a an exciting journey to an alternate universe, while simultaneously exploring a deeper theme. 

When you are contemplating and mulling over the plethora of names that lay in front of you, consider your mission; consider what you stand for. What do you want to say with your name?