Three Ways a Book Could Support Your Business

Whether you live on the road, spend most of your days teaching students, clients, or customers, or you manage your own trade business and sell handmade products, a book could help your business reach new markets and your advice reach new customers.

Not convinced yet? Here are three ways a book may support your business.

Whether you’ve been thinking about writing a book for a while, or you’re just looking for ways to expand your brand and influence, producing a book to correspond with your business, your values, and your knowledge can be a game-changer for your influence, your clients, and your business practice. Whether you're looking to expand your brand, offer higher value packages to your clients, or reach new customers, a book may be right for you

Expand your Influence and Brand with a Consumable Product

Books provide a unique way to share your knowledge with a wide range of potential new clients or customers. If you’ve started a business of your own, you know how much energy, effort, and work goes into creating your brand, reaching new customers, and convincing them to choose you over your competitors. Having a book to support your brand and your message can help you break past those initial customer walls and get you loyal customers for life.

A client looking for more information about who you are, what you believe, and what you’ll be able to help them with will be far more likely to sign on after reading a book you wrote, as they will likely be more loyal to your brand after spending that much time with your voice. Whatever book you write should correspond with your business, and can act as a funnel to help you reach and attract new customers or clients.

Free your Time with a New Resource for your Clients

If you spend much of your time at work in a customer-facing position, having the same conversations on a regular basis as you walk your clients through your consultation process and help them reach the goals they’re aiming for, you have plenty of material for a book. Whether you work with other creatives to help build their brand, you help individuals process through grief, life’s constant changes, or help guide your clients to financial stability, you can write a book. This will be a helpful tool to offer your current clients so you can address their later needs after their base understanding of your industry has been developed, or an effective draw for new clients as it builds in another resource your business can offer them which may give you a leg up over your competitors and increase your credibility.

Add Value to your Seminars and Conferences

Finally, a book can be designed to support your business, your class, or your speaking circuit. As you travel, if people enjoyed learning from you, you can sell signed copies of a book supporting and reinforcing what they just learned from you. This will become a cycle that can feed into itself, as you may find that people will sign up for your seminars first and buy your book second, or read your book first and find your seminar after because they enjoyed it so much. Either way, a book can help elevate your customer experience and add value to your events that may help convince new clients to choose you over your competition.

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