You’ve finished your book. You’re in your last round of edits. You’re cover design is in the process of being finalized. You’re ready to pass out copies to friends.

And just when you thought writing your book was the hard part, now it’s time to promote your work. But don’t worry. We’re here to help.

The first step after publishing your book is to understand the importance of book promotion and starting early. And I mean really early, as in a year to six months in advance.

To do this, you need a website or blog, author Facebook account, Twitter account and perhaps even a Pinterest, Instagram or Reddit account. You need to appear in public places promoting your book. You need to reach your target audience. You need to build an email or newsletter list. You need to do this, and many other tasks to market your book. And all of this takes time.

That’s why we have provided a sample author pre-publication list in the previous blog post. You can download a copy of it there. We know it takes time and can be challenging, and we’re here to help.

So tune in to our blog to find out how to accomplish the steps on our list.

First up: Social Media.