Have the normal social media sites under control? Are you a Facebook genius, but want to branch out into something different? Or do you want to try something besides Twitter and FB to connect with readers? Then reddit is a great place to connect.

Reddit is a pop culture forum, news website, and social networking platform where community members can share and post content. It’s similar to Pinterest in that it is like an online bulletin board, but it is completely different in its format. Reddit is organized by pages and subreddits. For example, there is a world news subreddit, organized as /r/worldnews. Reddit is another place that you as an author can engage with potential readers, especially through an AMA.

Reddit has a feature called Ask Me Anything or AMA. There are two different types of AMAs: one for celebrities and public figures (/r/iama) or one for general professionals and community members (/r/AMA). There are two different subreddits so that those who post in /r/AMA aren’t buried in an environment like /r/iama.

Authors can use reddit to have a conversation about their experiences writing and inform fans about their work. Whatever you share on Reddit should be something you think people would have an interest hearing about. There are a few guidelines about an AMA that everyone should know:


An AMA is also a great place to connect with new readers. The most important part of an AMA is to be open to any questions and build a conversation with those asking for one. You do not want to spam them with countless links to buy your book. Instead, you should focus on building a relationship but keep your book’s purchasing information available and post it at both the beginning or the end of an AMA. 

You can find more information about how to conduct an AMA at http://www.reddit.com/r/AMA/wiki/guide. 

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