Timothy AmadiNo matter their background, age, or interest, eleven-year-old Timothy Amadi wants kids everywhere to know one thing: Everyone can code. Including kids. Timothy should know––he started coding when he was just 6 years old and he's been empowering kids ever since.

Timothy believes coding is the global language in today’s digital world, and kids need to communicate through this language. He wants kids to help with identifying challenges and building solutions to problems around the home, school, and community through code.

Timothy is always happy whenever invited by schools and clubs to engage boys and girls in finding solutions through code.

When he's not coding, Timothy loves to play ping-pong with his two older brothers, Eugene and Daniel. He also plays the xylophone and piano.

Connect with Timothy at www.bugzero.codes

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Grandma and Grandpa Can You Code

Everyone can code! (Including Grandparents)

Our grandparents have lived through an ever-changing landscape where advancements in technology have changed how we do everyday tasks like sending a message, shopping, talking with friends, or navigate the world. As we keep moving toward computer use in everyday life, grandparents and grandkids both have a lot to learn about the way things were and the way things are becoming.

Approachable and engaging, this picture book compares the past with the present and invites people of all ages to learn how to code.

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Everyone Can Code

What do doctors, firefighters, writers, chefs, farmers, plumbers, and kids have in common? They can all code to solve real-world problems.

“Remember, coding is not
made just for the few.
Everyone can code.
Even kids just like you!”

With rhyming text and colorful illustrations, this fun book encourages children of all ages to explore the wonderful world of coding. With code that helps a plumber identify a clogged sink, alerts a firefighter to a new fire, tells a chef when her food is ready and identifies pests on a farmer’s crop, children will learn practical ways they can make the world a better place through coding.

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Coding Champions

From the first computing machine, to smart devices, to the cloud, and the need for cybersecurity, the development of computer science has been an exciting and fast-paced development that affects the lives of all. The author uses the familiar comic book format to teach the story of computers to kids and teens, showing them how they can use code to make people's lives better.

Rhyming text and expressive illustrations take the reader's imagination on a fun journey of learning what others have done and encouragement that they, too, can use code and apps to make the world a better place.

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Campeones de la codificación

Desde la primera máquina computadora, pasando por los dispositivos inteligentes, hasta los servicios en la nube y la necesidad de ciberseguridad, el desarrollo de la informática ha sido apasionante y acelerado, afectando la vida de todos.

El autor utiliza el conocido formato de cómic para enseñar la historia de las computadoras a niños y adolescentes, mostrándoles cómo pueden usar la codificación para mejorar la vida de las personas.

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Todo el mundo puede codificar

¿Qué tienen en común los médicos, bomberos, escritores, chefs, agricultores, plomeros y los niños? Todos ellos pueden codifi car para resolver problemas del mundo real. “Recuerda, la codificación no ha sido creada para sólo unas pocas personas. Todo el mundo puede codificar. ¡Incluso los niños como tú!”

Con textos interesantes e ilustraciones coloridas, este divertido libro anima a los niños de todas las edades a explorar el maravilloso mundo de la codifi cación. Con códigos que ayudan a un plomero a identifi car un fregadero atascado, alertar a un bombero sobre un nuevo incendio, avisar a un chef cuando su comida está lista e identifi car plagas en la cosecha de un granjero, losCode niños aprenderán maneras prácticas de hacer del mundo un lugar mejor a través de la codifi cación.

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