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Rose M. Jones was raised in snowy northern Ohio, however, she found her passion in the coastal living of Wilmington, North Carolina. She and her husband Seby (Chip) Jones spend most of their time helping people in recovery from addiction. Rose has volunteered as a mentor to teens and preteens in regard to addiction and living with addicted parents. She enjoys riding motorcycles and working on home improvement. She supports veterans through the American Honor Guards of North Carolina. 

She has an Associate in Arts degree from Cape Fear Community College and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from the University of North Carolina of Pembroke. She found her passion for writing in college and is currently working on her next book.

She has six rescue pets; four cats (Kelly, Sadie, Loki, and Luna) and two Chinese Crested Powderpuff dogs (Molly and Maddie).

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Mildred's Legacy

To see a change, you must be the change.

Mary Parker has just settled down for her usual morning breakfast when a scream of sirens blazes past her manor drawing her attention away from the flowers and birds of early Spring. Her old high school is on fire, and as she watches the students’ responses, she knows she needs to help. Her life, changed by Mildred’s impact, has set her up well to offer assistance to the community in need: she has a gymnasium the other school can use for their prom and graduation, and with a little coordination with the other school’s principal, she hopes to make a night the kids will never forget.

When her school, the School of Art, is vandalized, Mary knows her help must extend far beyond a single dance. But what will happen to her school and the museum if she takes in these at-risk kids? Will the new Second Chance Program truly be able to help these kids, or will the students’ presence have a negative impact on the school and museum she loves so much?

With Mildred’s nudging preventing her from backing down, Mary, Alfred, Antoinette, and Charlie venture into the unknown and the risks required to make a change in their community near Chicago. Nothing could prepare them for just how much their own lives would change by opening their doors—and their hearts.

Mildred’s Legacy: Second Chance Kids is the sequel to Mildred the Bird Lady, however each book can be read as a stand-alone or in order of publication.

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Awards, Reviews, and Coverage

"There is some of all of us in this wonderful work of art!" —Minister Angela Woodard Faison

"Ms. Jones narrative of the characters and emotions was refreshing." —Sue Y., entrepreneur

"Ms. Jones wrote with clever surprises that kept me reading late into the night." –Virginia, retired business manager

"I love Ms. Jones style of writing. Truly talented and brilliant. Someone to watch for future books." —Jim Burris, Author, Artist, Illustrator

Stewards of Humanity

"An empathetic examination of friendship and how it can change one's life." – Kirkus Reviews

A chance encounter in a Chicago park between inquisitive 4-year-old Mary and the eccentric Mildred begins a lifelong, unconventional friendship. Despite her mother’s admonishment not to engage with Mildred, Mary finds herself drawn to the kind “Bird Lady.”

Impressed by Mary’s independence and creativity, Mildred shares the lessons of her gilded life and becomes a mentor for Mary. In their moments together, Mildred teaches Mary about courtship, manners, ethics, art, culture, and life’s little luxuries. Through the twists and turns of Mary’s life, Mildred’s influence is felt time and again, like a gentle beacon guiding Mary toward her true passion.

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Awards, Reviews, and Coverage

"Rose M. Jones wrote with deft and skilled finesse." – Orizon, OnlineBookClub.org

"A sweet reminder of the blessings that can come your way when you open your heart and mind to others, even those who are different from you." – ReaderViews on BookBub