Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the most frequent questions which we are asked. Don’t hesitate to ask a question not covered here or inquire about an answer that is not clear. We have two publishing options with differences between each. Some of the following responses apply only to our hybrid imprint.

At Torchflame Books we are committed to transparency and the notion that there should only be good surprises. Not only is that an ethical business practice but it makes our job easier and relationships better.

Who is Torchflame Books?

Do you publish all books submitted to you?

Is this self-publishing?

How is hybrid publishing better than self-publishing where the author keeps all the money?

Do you own the rights to my book if you publish it?

Will I be given a contract?

How long does it take to publish a book?

How do I submit my manuscript?

How do I decide which publishing model is best?

Do you format manuscripts?

Do you create cover designs?

Do you publish ebooks?

Do you provide an ISBN and barcode?

What does it cost?

Do I get a proof of my book before it is printed?

Do I get an author discount on books?

Does Torchflame Books help with marketing?

What will my royalties be?

When are royalties paid?