tarth series boxed setThe Brueggen Stones:

When two brueggen stones are dropped

Over Shagger’s dreary rock

Gefcla’s evil will be stopped.

Lynn’s life isn’t interesting, until she falls on a Chicago sidewalk and sees yellow, orange, and green lights flitting past. The next time she opens her eyes, she’s in a forest that has huge roots coming out of the ground. A man with tennis ball-sized eyes howls at her—and that’s just the beginning.<br><br>Chell and the other Stalli warriors are on a hopeless series of raids against a ruthless enemy who outnumbers them. Keshua has given them a foretelling rhyme, but they have no idea how to fulfill it, they feel deathly ill anywhere near a brueggen stone. 

Is Lynn the answer to saving them? And will she realize it in time to help?

Under the Golden Mists:

“Help me!” the girl’s voice sobs.

It’s only a dream, Lacht tells herself.

But what if it isn't?

Under Wasso Lake live the Wassandra. The underwater people have abnormally long arms and fingers and aren’t to be trusted—at least that’s what Stalli guide, Crispin, tells Lacht and her family as he takes them to a village on the shores of the lake.

Lacht is intrigued; especially when she hears the Wassandra want help to find a missing child. Then dreams of the frightened girl begin troubling her.

When they arrive at the golden lake, Lacht thinks it’s the most beautiful place she’s ever seen—until a bizarre discovery terrifies her.

“Help me!” cries the Wassandra girl in one last dream, but can Lacht find the courage to face the horrifying creature she sees in that dream?

The Opal Cavern:

Curl says she’d rather die than spend the rest of her life trapped under Wasso Lake.

What if her wish is coming true?

Nineteen-years-old and still longing to see new things, Curl plans an exploration trip with Lynn’s sons, Mindik and Chera. Their goal is to find Tarth’s legendary Opal Cavern.

Lacht has recurrent, heavy feelings that her Wassandra friend shouldn’t go, but nobody listens and the team leaves.

Then Wave learns something from an old Wassandra diary that can mean life or death for Curl. A rescue team rushes off but they don’t know how long it will take to find her.

They do know that if they don’t find her soon, time will run out before they can get her back.

The Stone Walkers:

A depressed eighteen-year-old

An old couple with a terrible secret

A new exploration on an ancient mountain

In the bowels of the mountain, two boulders leaned against a wall in a small chamber. Everything was as it had been for years upon years. No sounds from the explorers working on the surface above penetrated to the chamber. It was the deepest of the deep places. Then the air changed. The change was barely discernible, but it was there.

One of the boulders moved. Slowly, impossibly, it stood upright. A grating sound came from it, and the other boulder slowly moved upward. For a long time, the boulders stood next to each other, motionless. Finally, as if hearing a cue only they could hear, they moved forward out of the small chamber. The Stone Walkers were walking again.

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