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"An intriguing read with the salty tang of realism that could only come from someone who can walk the walk and talk the talk."  –Douglas Skelton, author of the Rebecca Connelly crime series

After a near brush with death, Maddie Arnette heads to the charming coastal town of Cape Mayson, North Carolina to heal. She temporarily trades in her microphone for a paddleboard. But when she finds a dead man floating in the water, her sabbatical turns into a quest for the truth.

When the police call the death an accidental drowning, Maddie is not convinced. Everyone in the small town seems to know something about what happened, and they all seem scared. Maddie is determined to unravel the complicated web of secrets.

Wherever she turns, she seems to unearth a new, uncomfortable truth. This even seeps into her personal life when new evidence comes to light about her mother's murder. Maddie's father has spent decades in prison for the crime, and she grows increasingly suspicious that he might be innocent. Maddie must continue to confront the ghosts of her past as she seeks justice for two men: one in a watery grave and one behind bars.

No Wake Zone is book three of the gripping Maddie Arnette crime novels by Amanda Lamb, a veteran television crime reporter, author, and blogger for an award-winning NBC affiliate in the southeast. Each book in the series can be read as a stand-alone or in order of publication. Amanda Lamb has published ten books in dramatically different genres from true crimes to touching and humorous memoirs to children's books. From murder cases to motherhood, Amanda examines life through the lens of a curious journalist who is constantly observing and documenting.

Fans of Megan Miranda and Kimberly McCreight will be captivated by Maddie's unrelenting search for the truth.

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Awards, Reviews, and Coverage

"Amanda Lamb’s writing is so vivid, readers can just about smell the salty ocean water and feel its gentle breeze as Maddie Arnette methodically unravels the diabolical murder conspiracy.  A perfect beach read!” –Steven B. Epstein, author of Murder on Birchleaf Drive and Evil at Lake Seminole 

"Amanda Lamb’s brilliant writing keeps you on the edge of your seat right to the very end! No Wake Zone is a riveting novel filled with unexpected twists and turns with one mystery after another to unveil the truth. ... This is a must-read!" Holly Richard, author of One Hundred and Twenty-Six Days, The Unthinkable Journey