Climbing Lessons CoverMaddie’s past is about to catch up to her...

Maddie Arnette has built her whole life around the narrative that her father murdered her mother. When a woman in the grocery store claims that Maddie’s father did not kill her mother, the revelation forces the journalist toward a reckoning. Is it possible that her father has sat in prison for almost forty years for a crime he did not commit? And if he didn’t do it, who did?

Maddie barely has time to absorb this earth-shattering news when she is called to report on what appears to be a suicide. Tilly Dawson is found shot to death on her driveway, a gun by her side. But right away something about the situation doesn’t feel right to Maddie. Before long, the tough television reporter finds herself delving once more into a dark world of violence, secrets and intrigue.

Maddie’s journey to find the truth in her own life parallels her journey to seek justice for Tilly. This time around Maddie must put her own life on the line to ensure that truth will prevail.

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