Autobiography Baby Boomer800

In Autobiography of a Baby Boomer you'll follow the journey of a postmodernist baby-boomer from Father Knows Best middle class Fair Lawn, New Jersey to the hippy trail through Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

From the beaches of Formentera to prison in Afghanistan to seeking Nirvana in India and back, Schultz shares in a delightful writing style anecdotes of pleasure, humor, suspense, fear, and reflection that ultimately transformed him into a well-respected orthopedic surgeon.

The overland journey in search of something more than he could find at Cornell University Medical College covers four years during a time when dropping out, turning on, and free-love were the gospel.

Through his travels, drugs, séances, very far-out Road People, and his parents' unremitting love, author Robert Schultz comes to truly appreciate the American way of life. In an admittedly unconventional way, Schultz discovers the rather conventional joy of having a family and the awesome responsibility that comes with it.

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