Faith and Air"For years I have loved the Tar Heel Traveler and the way Scott reveals the beautiful people and culture of the Old North State. These miracle stories will invite the curious, strengthen the faithful and bring a smile to every reader."
–The Most Rev. Michael Bruce Curry, Presiding Bishop The Episcopal Church

"Faith and Air is like a frame that displays verbal photographs of what I love most about North Carolina—the people! Simple. Real. Down-to-earth. Unashamed of faith in God."
–Anne Graham Lotz, Author, Speaker

A longtime journalist grounded in facts confronts stories that ask for faith.

Throughout his thirty years on the air, television reporter Scott Mason has interviewed countless people who unexpectedly offered up miracle stories. Such as the legendary golf broadcaster who makes for a wonderful personality profile—and then says, “Oh, and by the way, I died and came back to life.” Or the sole survivor of a plane crash who describes his harrowing ordeal—and tells of a radiant vision he says he witnessed while catapulting through the fuselage. One after another the miracle stories kept coming, but Scott Mason suspected these stories would never find their way onto the air. So he made a miracle list and dug deeper into these intriguing accounts on his own.

As he pursues the leads throughout this book, Scott shares a compelling narrative of fact and faith and his personal struggle to balance them both.

"When Scott Mason was a little boy someone must have told him to stop, look and listen. He took those orders to heart. For he sees and hears like few others. And that’s what makes him so darn good at telling stories."
–Harry Smith, NBC News Correspondent

"Scott is a gifted writer and his book of miracles is entertaining, insightful and will inspire every reader."
–The Honorable Jim Hunt, Former Governor, North Carolina

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