janjak and fredaIn this first book of the bilingual Janjak and Freda series, cousins Janjak and Freda go with their godmother on an exciting adventure to Haiti's famous Iron Market. While there, they make many new friends, taste new fruits, and show the value of helping others when a runaway goat causes havoc in the market.

The colorful text and beautiful illustrations will leave children dreaming up their own adventures. This story is told in such a way that the characters, scenery, and plot will be meaningful to both English speaking children and Creole speaking children.

Rather than a literal translation, the Creole text has been rewritten by Wally Turnbull to provide the most authentic experience for Creole speakers. A Creole pronunciation guide at the back and a page of history about the Iron Market are useful supplements for parents and teachers seeking to broaden their children's world view.

From the author: In writing the Janjak & Freda series my goal was to provide a children's book about the joys, discoveries, and adventures that can come with being a child in Haiti. The majority of the very few children's books about Haiti tackle serious, difficult social issues such as abandonment, street children, and violence. While Haitian children do in many ways experience a harsher childhood than their neighbors to the north, they also feel the same childlike joys of discovery, adventure, and new experiences. They, too, have the special innocence of childhood that radiates from within.

In Janjak & Freda, I strive to share the joys, innocence, and lessons of childhood through the lens of a Haitian child. The book is bilingual so that Haitian children can also share in the stories of Janjak & Freda who are, after all, just like them.

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