CreoleMadeEasy800A Simple Introduction to Haitian Creole for English Speaking People

With over 100,000 copies sold, this is the most widely used way to learn basic Haitian Creole.

The Creole of Haiti (called kreyòl, kreyòl ayisyen, or ayisyen by native speakers) is a rich yet amazingly easy language. The way verb tenses are handled and the consistency of Creole phonetics make the language much easier to learn than most others.

This book provides an easy, simple, and practical introduction to Creole. It avoids, as far as possible, exceptions, grammatical technicalities, and linguistic jargon.

  • The basic elements of Creole grammar
  • Sixteen easy lessons
  • How to pronounce Creole words
  • Simple exercises with translation keys
  • Extensive dictionary of over 4700 Creole <-> English words
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