M.B. Chapman

Lee Sowder grew up in Roanoke, Virginia, and now lives in Richmond, Virginia. She graduated college with a BS in Sociology from James Madison University and received a post-baccalaureate certificate in Information Technology from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Lee’s careers have included Youth Counselor, Realtor, Claims Processor, and several Information Technology positions. Now retired, Lee enjoys writing and has developed her writing skills in the Life in Ten Minutes writing workshops. Her poetry and prose have been published in the Life in Ten Minutes Literary Magazine.

Family Weave is Lee’s debut. Look for her next novel, coming soon.


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Caroline's PurposeAn intertwining tale of love, laughter, heartbreak, and the roots of strong Southern women

Pauline Smith, a retired insurance processor, is comfortable in her habits and her home. She is a born worrier with strong opinions and believes in family taking care of family. When her mother is injured in a fall, Pauline and her sister Perk must move Mama from their childhood home in Roanoke, Virginia to an assisted living complex in Richmond, where they live. As she is confronted with her mother’s frail health, Pauline struggles to confront her own fear of death and the grief she’s harbored since her father died when she was a child.

Family Weave’s richly voiced characters tell of ordinary lives with extraordinary humor and tragedy, weaving us in and out of family history, showing us how not only to survive, but how to celebrate life.

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