Eugene Amadi

Eugene loves coding because it has helped him to have more discipline in his school work, making him more detail-oriented. He believes that coding can be taught to anyone and wants to share his knowledge to young boys and girls and even their families! When he’s not at his keyboard coding away, he plays soccer, basketball, and ping pong. He also enjoys singing, playing the piano, and the trombone. He thanks his family for teaching and supporting him in his endeavors.

Connect with Eugene at www.bugzero.codes

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Codificar es divertido

Para el niño que es curioso por naturaleza, este libro para colorear es una introducción divertida y educativa a las múltiples formas en que la codificación afecta nuestra vida cotidiana. Desde los coches a control remoto hasta las videollamadas, pasando por las lavadoras y el riego por goteo, la codificación hace que el mundo moderno funcione. Presente a los más pequeños las maravillas de la codificación con 30 ilustraciones originales en un libro de colorear que alimentará su curiosidad.

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Coding for Kids

Young boys and girls are discovering that coding isn’t just useful for grownups, it’s also a great skill for kids—and it can even be fun. But it can be daunting to get started. There are so many programming languages and new words to learn. That’s where Coding for Kids: Learn the Terms comes in.

This book is written by a young author for his peers as an introduction to coding terms. Coding for Kids offers a brief overview of more than 25 basic terms essential for coding. Fun puzzles and activities keep the lessons accessible and help kids learn the terms so they can start coding on their own.

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Coding is Fun

For the child who’s naturally curious, this coloring book is a fun and educational introduction to the many ways that coding affects our daily lives. From remote control cars to video calls to laundry machines to drip irrigation, coding makes the modern world work. Introduce little ones to the wonders of coding with 30 original illustrations in a coloring book that will feed their curiosity.

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