elizabeth heinElizabeth Hein is a mother, author, and cancer survivor. She grew up in Massachusetts and now lives in Durham, North Carolina. She writes about the people who go unnoticed in life – the woman standing in line at the bank, the mousy gal in the last cubicle, the PTA mom. She wants you to care about these women and think twice before ignoring the people you meet each day. When not writing, she is trying to raise two young women and a husband.

A moving, surprisingly humorous, sometimes snarky novel about life, friendship... and cancer

EiffelTower Cover webLara Blaine believes that she can hide from her past by clinging to a rigid routine of work and exercise. She endures her self-imposed isolation until a cancer diagnosis cracks her hard exterior. Lara’s journey through cancer treatment should be the worst year of her life. Instead, it is the year that she learns how to live. She befriends Jane, another cancer patient who teaches her how to be powerful even in the face of death. Accepting help from the people around her allows Lara to confront the past and discover that she is not alone in the world. With the support of her new friends, Lara gains the courage to love and embrace life. Like climbing the Eiffel Tower, the year Lara meets Jane is tough, painful, and totally worth it.

Praise for How to Climb the Eiffel Tower
"Fans of Jennifer Weiner, Sarah Pekkanen, and Amy Hatvany will devour How to Climb the Eiffel Tower. This book is for every woman, young or old."
–Judith Collins, Goodreads Top Reviewer

–Ellen, NetGalley Reviewer, 4 stars

"a genuinely well written and entertaining book"
–Ionia, NetGalley Reviewer & Blogger, 4 stars

"a must read..."
Erin, Read at Home Mama, 4 stars

"This book has become one of my all-time favourites..."
Daniela, Only Books and Horses, 5 stars

“Hein had me with her first sentence.”
Sherrey Meyers, NetGalley Reviewer

“a well written novel about friendship, love, courage, and cancer”
Melissa LeGette, By Candlelight

“hopeful, poignant and inspiring”
Kathy Branfield, Book Reviews and More by Kathy

“I loved this book!”
Sandra Heinzman, NetGalley & Goodreads Reviewer

“a read and a half… highly recommended”
Elaine Gall, NetGalley & Goodreads Reviewer

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