EleanorTurnbull400Eleanor Turnbull has lived and served in Haiti for 70 years with her husband, Wallace, as a pioneer in missions and development. In spite of having no formal medical training, Eleanor became one of the most respected hospital administrators and medical influencers in the country, working to introduce mobile clinics and family planning in rural communities. She also helped found the nationwide Association of Christian Hospitals, which would establish guidelines and best practices for the major hospitals of other missions across every department of Haiti. For her work and service, Eleanor was decorated as a Grand Officer of the Department of Public Health.


those who passed by800Those Who Passed By is a good reminder that everyone has something to offer—if we open our eyes, hearts, and minds to see what God wants to "say" through them. 

In Those Who Passed By, veteran missionary Eleanor Turnbull traces the story of Haiti’s development by what happens along the Kenscoff Road and those who travel its bumps and curves. Throughout her nearly 70 years working in development and rural medical care, Eleanor met countless men and women who were just “passing by.” She soon learned that many of them had been “sent” for a greater purpose. Some came for research, others to find themselves; a wise few sought to widen their worldview. Each of them left an indelible mark on Haiti and her people. These are their stories.

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by Eleanor Turnbull (Author) and Wally Turnbull (Photographer)

 A prayer book unlike any other

This book is unique, not only because each prayer is accompanied by a striking photograph, but because each prayer is an example of sincere, heartfelt communication with God. This is a book which teaches the essence of true prayer.

These prayers of Haitian Christians, in their own Creole words with English translations, reflect the paradoxically childlike yet deep faith of a mountain people who have come to know God as a personal friend acquainted with their culture and daily lives.

These prayers are refreshing and heartwarming, sometimes almost humorous because of the homespun metaphors which are used. The photograph which accompanies each prayer tells a story by itself.

Photographs by Wally Turnbull, Prayers curated by Eleanor Turnbull, originally edited by Sandra Burdick

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