Dean Crisp

Dean Crisp is a highly awarded 38-year veteran of law enforcement including 21 years in command leadership positions and 17 years as a chief of police.

After his retirement in 2009, Dean became an Instructor and eventual National Training Director for FBI-Law Enforcement Executive Development Association with whom he is still an active instructor.

As the founder and CEO of Crisp Consulting Group, Dean stays busy training the next generation of leaders with his Intentional Leadership curriculum throughout the U.S. and Canada. Learn more about Dean, upcoming classes, and speaking engagements at https://lhln.org/

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Leadership Recipe Cover

You follow instructions when assembling furniture, you follow tutorials when learning a new software, and you follow a recipe when you bake a pastry for the first time. What if there was a recipe you could follow that would help develop you into the leader you've always wanted to be?

No matter your ambition—whether you want to lead your department well or an entire organization as CEO—the components of leadership presented in this book are designed to help you grow into the best leader you can be.

Follow along with Mark, a young professional seeking to someday become CEO of the company where he works, as he learns the Leadership Recipe from his mentor, William, and applies it with his team. This allegory offers a refreshing way to help leaders at all levels understand the ingredients of successful leadership for themselves and others.

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RedBird CoverA veteran police chief’s hard-won lessons on leading yourself, leading others, and leading an organization.

Essential Leadership Lessons from the Thin Blue Line is just that—lessons learned the old-fashioned way through trial and error, studying, hard work, and experience while on our nation’s front lines to serve and protect. Dean Crisp spent decades leading people where a single misstep could cost a life. Faced with the daily challenges of a police chief, Dean threw himself into learning all he could about effective leadership and applying those lessons in his departments. He shares those hard-won lessons in this book.

Dean lays the book out into three key sections that build on each other to help you become a better leader: Leading Yourself, Leading Others, Leading the Organization. Dean’s approach to leadership is built on his concept of Diamond Leadership, a four-point method that creates a self-perpetuating synergy for positive change. Dean has taught this method in elite conferences to countless rising leaders, and now he brings it to you.

Built on the success of Dean’s debut leadership book, Leadership Lessons from the Thin Blue Line, this new release features a revised approach to the curriculum, expanded information, and a streamlined formula to develop the leader within you.

Essential Leadership Lessons from the Thin Blue Line uses personal anecdotes to drive home the human element of leadership and will connect with you at any point on your journey to becoming a significant leader.

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