Deborah Roszel has been accused of thinking too much, but it hasn’t stopped her from studying and taking notes on a wide variety of subjects. She’s an avid reader of novels, textbooks, Bibles, essays, treatises, legal documents, and cereal boxes. She earned a B.A. in Psychology from Furman University; after marriage, she and her husband, Rich, developed their very own experimental group of five children. Deborah has learned from Southern Baptist, Presbyterian (PCA and USA), Episcopal, Anglican, and non-denominational Christian teachers. She has shared her love of learning with her children and many of their friends, teaching and tutoring in most every subject area as a homeschooler, classroom teacher, and private tutor.With a broad theological and educational background, Deborah is still able to approach matters of faith as a seeker, aware that all interpretations of the supernatural are necessarily limited: we all have it wrong some of the time, She hopes that, some of the time, she might have it right.


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