Eva Shaw

Michelle Osborne

In addition to being a university professor, Michelle Osborne serves as the Chief Deputy Commissioner in a North Carolina state agency. Her greatest passion is helping children, protect their childhood in hope of promoting a better future for the world. Her research studies include child labor in the worst forms. She acquired a Doctorate of Business Administration from George Fox University and received her MBA from Campbell University. In addition, she has been an entrepreneur, owning several businesses. Her hobbies include composing music, traveling, and kayaking. 

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Kay Mann BowlingEva Shaw

Kay Mann Bowling lives in Raleigh, NC. She is a former foster care parent, the mother of two adopted children, and grandmother of three terrific grandchildren. She is a retired deputy clerk with the county district court and a retired administrative assistant with the state government. These days, when she’s not writing, you will find her tending to her garden and caring for her beloved hand-me-down pets. She is passionate about life’s second chances.

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