I was born and raised on a farm, in the Caldwell community of Orange County, North Carolina. Along with Mama and Daddy my sister, my brother, and I put in a lot of our time working at home. We raised chickens to sell hatching eggs, grew tobacco, corn, wheat, hay; you name it. 

We had a lot of animals at different times. Cattle, almost always a milk cow, hogs, and a horse once. The closest to a Gypsy was a duck named Doodles that I won in a school drawing in the second or third grade. He would chase us kids around the house and bite us if he got the chance.

These days, when I’m not writing, I make my living as a building contractor.  I am also a licensed aircraft mechanic.  For years I have enjoyed flying airplanes and still get the opportunity now and then.  I enjoy playing my guitar and like to start every morning by playing for a while.

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