CarlNordgren400Carl Nordgren was born in Greenville, Mississippi where his great grandmother’s house was across the street from the childhood home of author Walker Percy. He first worked for a start-up in 1979 and has founded a half dozen companies since as well as assisted in the founding of a dozen more. He’s worked in four of the creative industries. From 2002 to 2016 he was adjunct faculty at Duke and taught over 3,500 undergrads how to be the most creative and entrepreneurial versions of themselves they could be. His first job was a fishing guide, from the summer of 1966 to the summer of 1970.

As a young man, if he wasn’t in high school or college he was guiding on the English River in wilderness Ontario and the White River in the Ozarks of Arkansas, where he learned a lot about bringing creative thinking and entrepreneurial behavior to the inches and the minutes of each day. Based on what he learned from his Ojibway friends, his award-winning title Anung’s Journey lovingly shares an ancient and beautiful legend with the world.

Carl's passion is to re-connect individuals with their personal creative genius. He accomplishes this through his book, Becoming a Creative Genius {Again} and conducting workshops. He is available for in-person and virutal workshops.

He credits his wife Marie as a powerful influence on his work, through her nurturing of creative genius in their children and in her preschool nursery based on the Waldorf child development principles. They have three daughters, Krista Anne, Brita, and Sarah Rose, and he and Marie enjoy watching them flourish. Visit the author's website at http://carlnordgren.com/.

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