Our company was founded in Durham, NC in 1998 by a family of authors who believed that there had to be a better model than predatory vanity presses or self-publishing for emerging authors.

Today, we've published more than 200 titles for emerging, award-winning, and bestselling authors. We believe in the power of meaningful books to make a lasting impact in the lives of readers. 

While we obviously aim to sell as many of each title as possible, we do not believe that the value of a book lies solely in the sale of large quantities. Many books that will only sell a few hundred copies are worth publishing for what they contain and the value of that information for those who need it. We also find that many titles that have limited initial sales will continue to sell year after year because of their specialized content.

We publish works of fiction and non-fiction in most genres. We do not publish books containing erotica or paranormal themes, horror, those which advocate hatred, sexual, or other exploitation, libelous material, or plagiarized text.

Submissions are evaluated by our editors based on literary quality, subject, and sales potential. We value freedom of expression and encourage creativity of ideas. Except as stated above, we express no social or political bias in our selection process.

Seeking the best platform for each author and title we offer two publishing options: hybrid publishing and author publishing.

You have something worthwhile to say and we want to give voice to your ideas. We are currently accepting submissions. We can't publish everything but we promise to review your work with the respect it deserves.

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