Pat Magee

Pat Magee

Pat Magee was born during the early months of World War II and adopted when he was only three days old. However, it wasn’t until nearly 80 years later that he finally discovered the identity of his real birth parents.

With 40+ years of experience in both business and volunteer leadership roles, Pat has revitalized struggling companies, grown stagnant businesses, and established new enterprises. During his professional career, he serves as president of several different manufacturing companies in both the USA and Europe. Since retirement, he has worked with a variety of nonprofit and for-profit organizations in the areas of leadership development, professional recruitment, strategic planning, and the development of High Performance Organizations.

Pat's formula for success is to identify, develop and mentor potential talent so that each individual will be successful in their respective role and will continue to learn, grow and reach their full potential.

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Marie F. JonesMarie F. Jones

Marie Jones is an academic library director and leadership professor at Brevard College in Western North Carolina. With a doctorate in leadership and degrees in library science and English, she has had four books and countless articles published in the fields of librarianship and leadership.

After decades of publishing academic folderol, she now writes about practical leadership, inconsistent organization, messy productivity, and living a happy life. You can find her author page at mariefjones.com

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To be the Best By Any Measure

A Proven Approach to Transform your Business into a High Performance Organization

Pat Magee developed a formula to bring new life to struggling businesses. He demonstrates that a vibrant business requires:

                    • A Healthy Organizational Culture
                    • Ongoing Leadership Development
                    • Comprehensive Strategic Planning

These lead to what Magee refers to as a "High Performance Organization." How do you get there? What does it really take to assess and adjust your current business practices so that you can rise to the top? 

Through these pages, Pat answers those questions as he guides, helps, and encourages readers to reach their full potential and do extraordinary things.

This unique approach is proven to breathe fresh life into businesses and nonprofit organizations. 

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Awards, Reviews, and Coverage

“A valuable owner-manager guide to organization leadership and better management." –J.S. Renkert – 4th Generation retired CEO – IRONROCK, Inc.

"A valuable addition to any businessman's library.” –Fred Gregory CFA, former CEO  and founder of QCI Asset Management

“Recommended, if not required, reading for all aspiring Business students.” – Former Business School Mentee

“An informative, authoritative, conversational, and entertaining book. The reader can effectively learn and apply these lessons and start making positive changes to their organization today.” –Current Business Student